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We need your financial support to sustain the great work we provide to at-risk youth. We are a results-oriented organization working with other community partners, schools, corporations, parents and teachers to improve the lives of at-risk students and the at-risk schools they attend. We pride ourselves on impact results, collaboration, accountability, integrity and compassion.

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Connectwerks inspires 12 million students, across 50 states and over 130 countries, to dream, follow their dreams, and accomplish their goals through self-empowerment.

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The private cloud virtual mentoring & skills-based learning site app used to manage social impact and employee volunteerism.

Great ideas come from passionate people and innovation begins with inspiration; Inspire and be Inspired. Connectwerks is where talent, opportunity, and ambition drive life-transitions online. We bring people of all varying backgrounds together to share and discuss compelling life ever emerging technologies, and soft-skill qualities that can be very beneficial to both students, parents, and professionals and where any goal can be accomplished or any dream attained by planning, working hard, working smart, and being inspired. Learn about it, then compete in it, for experience at it, so that you can go do it!

We want to prepare people for success in a global competitive world. People should be engaged in learning or work that is relevant to their passion and allows them to master a new skill-set in real-time. We partner with schools, organizations, agencies, companies, and individuals to use Connectwerks cloud site application as an innovative way of managing your personal identity, inspiring or learning new soft skills; non-cognitive skills (e.g. self-motivation, self-empowerment, self-esteem, self-confidence, life-navigation, self-regulation, and self-perseverance).

Corporate Workplace Giving Campaign

Every year, millions of employees get involved in workplace giving campaigns to support Connectwerks.Org civic solutions that improve education, career readiness, and health. The Connectwerks.Org workplace campaign unites employees in all offices and branches of the company and gives them an opportunity to donate, virtually volunteer and support causes that matter most to them. The workforce campaign is about more than raising money for worthy causes; it also strengthens connections between employees and their community.

Workplace Campaigns enable employees to donate to Connectwerks through payroll deduction or credit card, providing a chance to help local community at-risk youth workplace giving. Conducting a Connectwerks campaign is fun and easy with lasting benefits for your community. It brings employees together around a common goal, creating the opportunity for team building and increased workplace morale. For more information contact Jenny Peci, Director of Workplace Campaigns at (917) 420-3774 or email

Many companies match charitable donations made by their employees. This is a fantastic way to double or even triple your gift to Connectwerks! If your company participates in a matching gift program, please complete the brief matching gifts form provided by your human resources department and email it to Connectwerks Inc. at to the attention of Susan Tumi, VP of HR.

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Corporation Financial Support

A partial list companies that has long understood the importance of being proactive in meeting the needs of its community by supporting important and innovative programs.

Inspire and Get Inspired. Together Let’s Make A Real Impact!


of young people don't have access to quality healthcare


of middle schooler don't know how to read


of adults are unemployed and living on the street

Any size contribution will help. Big or small, your contribution will strengthen communities all over the world. Your gift contribution will support the dreams and aspirations of many students so that they can achieve their educational and personal goals. We will match up to 15% of your contribution in the form of a Connectwerks site app solution endowment (free solution licensing investment) to a school of your choice.

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